Call for papers: 20th European Maya Conference "The Maya in a Digital World"

20th European Maya Conference "The Maya in a Digital World"
8‐13 December 2015, Bonn, Germany

The 20th European Maya Conference is hosted by the Department for the Anthropology at the University of Bonn, Germany, from December 8th to 13th, 2015. The conference combines three and a half days of workshops (December 8th-11th) and a two-day symposium (December 12th-13th).

The topic of this year's conference is: The Maya in a Digital World. The symposium will focus on the role and use of digital research methods in the field of Maya Studies. The Department for the Anthropology of the Americas currently hosts several projects with an emphasis in the Digital Humanities of Maya writing and linguistics. We would like to invite our colleagues to join us in Bonn to present and discuss recent developments of digital data collection and data analysis in Maya research.
that will be covered include theoretical and practical aspects of
‐  methods in computational archaeology including GIS, survey techniques (e.g. LiDAR), 3D‐analysis etc.
‐  the development of applications that support corpus‐building and analysis of Maya writing and Mayan languages
‐  the digitization of archival materials and harvesting of historical data, and
‐  the use of digital tools and methods in ethnographic and anthropological research
The debate will also touch upon ethical issues, including the questions who owns what data and in which way digital research methods can become tools of decolonialisation that can bridge dialogues  ‐‐ between foreign and local researchers, between researchers and their "research subjects", and within Maya communities. In this context, we would also like to explore the impact of the digital age on contemporary Maya societies and discuss the role of digital media such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter in education, politics and identity building in the modern Maya world.

The Wayeb Conference Board invites the submission of abstracts concerning the conference topic. Papers will be selected from all sub‐disciplines of Maya Studies to cover the conference topic in all dimensions and from various perspectives.  We will try to create a thematic balance and accordingly will prioritise papers that complement the topics covered by invited speakers.
Presentations will be accepted in English and Spanish. Abstracts may not exceed 250 words. Contributions of authors who submit more than one abstract (including co‐authored papers) will not be considered. Co‐authorship needs to be indicated upon submission. It will not be possible to add co‐authors on a presentation unless these have been explicitly included in the submitted abstract and approved as such.
Please submit in electronic format (attached Word or RTF document) in the following order:
1. Author’s name and affiliation
2. Address, phone number and email address
3. Title of the paper
4. Abstract
The abstracts will be forwarded without the author’s particulars to an anonymous Review Committee that will be selected by the Wayeb Conference Board.
Please submit your application to callforpapers @

The call for papers will close on the 31 May 2015!

All abstracts have to be sent in and confirmation of receipt received prior to this date.
More information regarding the workshops will be posted before the registration of the conference opens.
There will be separate registration available for both events (workshops and the symposium).
For more information, please contact the local organisers at emc2015 @